I blame social media on this particular attendance choice, and my decision to engage in a particularly strenous bicep and tricep routine hours before ElleryLand’s sale started. Note to self: upper body strength can be obtained as a designer hangar pusher too. Keep your wallets out at the ready and wear matching underwear, this is an apparel war we are talking about here.

  1. I did not think this through.
  2. This entire floor is covered with clothes.
  3. *developing a cramp weighed down by fabrics and my arm at a 90 degree angle.
  4. The dressing room is just a curtained area of funny lighting.
  5. I did not wear matching underwear and I’m not drunk enough to show my granny panties to a room full of women.
  6. I mean there are kids around for pete’s sake.
  7. Yes I want that shirt woman, don’t you roll your eyes at me.
  8. *puts shirt back* you deserve a better owner shirt.
  9. Did I zip up my pants?
  10. That red velvet number though. And the things I kill for a red velvet cupcake right now.
  11. Do I really need another pair of jeans?
  12. I need coffee. Like need, need coffee. David Bowie the ardous strains of  you talking about a starman isn’t helping. Between sparkling and having a coffee I’m going with the latter.