I’ll hypocritically drink to that.

It was one way getting re-acquainted with the heat after returning from the most delightful winter I guess? 17 full days of preferred layers and comfy knits. Never mind it felt like forever, where all you wanted to do was lounge around with your clothes off. Since summer came around for the past few years, I’ve managed to escape the most of it by ensuring I spent Christmas in sub-zero temperatures. All memories serving as a precursor to my high school days resemble a knitted mess of school uniforms and ballet stockings that I’ve long since blocked from memory and destroyed evidence of.

But instead of wallowing in the heat with my tongue hanging out I thought I’d turn it into an exploratory discussion, backtracking on my initial belief that leather has never aligned itself well with tropical weather. That belief came with a pre-requisite of possessing a high humidity tolerance and a certain level of sass. To expound sex with a flutter of your eyelashes and selling out an entire lipgloss line in 30 seconds with just a pout of your lips.

For a kid mainly comprising of all ears and lopsided smiles, a guided path away from this slippery slope was only necessary and a nod towards pragmatism; post Princess Diaries’ Anne Hathaway in her ballroom gown and unfluffed hair.

But I’ll hypocritically break my abstinence from alcohol to drink to that. Celebrating with a vial of sakura liquor I picked up over at the airport shop in Tokyo and a silk slip dress post-shower to celebrate the remnants of that delightful winter I’ve left behind.

Now that I’m older – although not exactly wiser, I’ve had some help with Google and a helpful connection to the local fashion community. I now fully understand that leather doesn’t require a feature rubric completely checked on a Victoria Secret’s model. It in fact, can feel like home resting lightly on your hips or torso. When you’re at home singing your heart out to Etta James, or socializing at a public gathering sipping a glass of frosé.

I don’t know about you but I feel, well.


And whatever, even if you do feel like a Monet, all the better to throw on something interesting to talk about non?