Why is it such a big thing to have the latest items or be “on trend”? Our Instagram feeds (depending on the type of circles you run in with the industry) are constantly being bombarded with high end, misspelled logos that make the hairs on your arms stand up with excitement when you witness your favorite influencers and celebrities get involved. It’s that inspo, aspo, fomo consensus that many of us in the industry share when every fashion week rolls around. But how do they do on the ethical scale? TPC sits down with Mary Lawas, stylist, artist and all-around an amazing human being to chat about the importance of reviewing those practices.

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Making her debut last year at the Adelaide Fashion Festival and one of the happiest and kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around (with patience one of her more well-known suits), Sophia is set to make the fashion industry great again with her ethos of slow fashion as a minimal maximalist.

feat.// Autark
Styling and model // Sophia Mcmahon
shot and edited by yours truly 
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