EOMM x Ultramarine
Styling and Photography// NICOLE FANG
shot on Canon 6D with 24-105mm lens

If you asked me where I would wear this to my answer would still stand.”


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There’s something about a turtleneck that demands repetition. Or in my case, an Ace Venture hair situation with frizz and static whilst going through tubular dimensions and turtleneck hair bought about by winter.

fashion and creative direction by NICOLE FANG
location Sapporo, Japan
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Before I resume the familiar jingle I’ve adopted whilst attempting to build a snowman and conditioned my sisters to hate, I have to admit it. I’ve missed Japan. And I’ll keep the topic of fashion by the door for the time being and replace it with chronicled attempts to rediscover my passion for snowboarding.

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The leather is soft and yet, lovingly roughed. With a small worded customization of the item professing it’s new owner – key traits that I tend to value when defining aspects of a good statement piece that I would wear on a daily basis.


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