So onwards, Lord Commandcino; when the nights are long (blacks) where our brew watch begins.

If there’s one thing The Potential Corporate has been known for other than opinions regarding the fashion industry, it’s about that transformative quality coffee has with lives. That includes my budding collection of brewing equipment stocked up at home and obsessive sniffing of fresh coffee grounds; I’ve been on both ends of the caffeine spectrum. Of the morning tea/juice drinker variety (the ersatz of il caffè like its instant powder counterparts) and learning to be the sane individual coffee has known to endow its users.

But you know it’s more than the caffeine that titillate the soul for me. As much as I deny being a coffee snob, I still do exhibit certain traits shy of evangelism. Like the inability to understand the levels of functionality non-coffee people are able to dedicate themselves to for one – witchcraft must surely be involved.

You know the ones who monologue the benefits of raw diets and how much arm waving they’ve achieved at their last exercise session?

“Sorcery!” I cry.

Even though everyone has their own routines before they face the day and may require a pick-me-up once in a while; there seems to be an inexplicable demand on some level dedicated to this ritualistic event only found at the bottom of a mug*.

And it’s one of those things that many coffee wankers like myself feel entitled to comment about in many cases**. We judge the F out of the aforementioned usually due to our innate curiosity and exude hyperbolic exclaims of shock when replied with a negative on joe (because who really has the time to maintain a caffeine/sugar/carb/happiness free life?). For me coffee feels like the post harp solo jitters you get from a Joanna Newson performance and a powerful ballad from Demi Lovato singing on top of a mountain all rolled into one, like eternal spring. That rush of positive emotion that might as well be like Felis Felixis. Or Amortentia, I won’t judge how you describe it.

So onwards, Lord Commandcino; when the nights are dark and long where our brew watch begins. Excuse me while I grab a handful of that Il Caramello blend to sniff or deciding if I should start bathing in it.

*I could sniff the organic Nicaraguan blend all day, does that count as a daily tradition? (Recommendations to drink this particular blend as a machine long black for that high level energy Flula Borg is known for; and if you are a serial coffee whiffer like yours truly, keep a nose out for those toast and stone fruit notes, along with that Nutty aftertaste that doesn’t turn sour in the best way possible. 10/10 would recommend with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich). Coffee cone that with a coarser grind if you want your brew to be something I can only describe as “heavenly”.

**The caramel and cocoa notes found in full-bodied moka pot brews like my buddy II Caramello over here (tasty as a long black or espresso) fantastically compliments milk even if you’re the Luke Skywalker/ Jon Snow of coffees.

in collaboration with Coffee Beans Delivered featuring the II Caramello and Nicaraguan blends. Check out their website for more.