They are the ones who let us know who run the world. The clean cut kids who trip over Yeezys and Rubi alike.

Interestingly enough to note, summer draws various conclusions about the different nuances of the various Australian subcultures across our island continent. Altered along global paradigm shifts and the introduction of a more cosmopolitan market on our shores, we always find different ways to make the best of summer. While in that sense, fashion is a visual representation of current beliefs and ideals, not some serendipity guesswork.

Sydney spews a newness to the term ‘work chic’ coupled with brunch on the rocks. Melbourne flavours it’s versatility of the east and west with coffee; and Adelaide’s youth permeates through our local subcultures echoing the sole thought of entrepreneurial potential intermixed with the charm of old vineyards, sparkling Prosecco and an ice-cold Pimm’s. Perfect conditions to have creative freedom, but where Adelaide lacks the metropolitan vibes from the other Australian cities it makes up in their aptitude for promise.

In the event of such taxing struggles, to keep up with the fashion bandwagon has resulted in many things. A particular reflection of the Australian nature many passionate brands and labels out there in the local australian fashion scene are wading in the midst of the ocean we call mass marketing, fighting for a chance to tell their story. One out of the many like the heads of a hydra, struggling to maintain their customer base and balancing consumer expectation of niche targets or mass audiences that usually results in the discovery of two more.


Maybe it’s just the little voice in my head but I don’t think it’s about trying to attract the perfect customer given the current dynamics of the fashion industry, but rather – inspiring your customers to learn how to interpret the brand for itself especially among the younger audiences. Like what I always believed and try to convey in my work, every single individual is different. It’s not about the little gimmicks that a brand does that prospective customers look for in the long run, but rather aspects of the brand in which they can identify with.

Think Marilyn Monroe, The Notebook and probably a little attitude from Miley Cyrus that conjures the image of the different personalities of the Australian Fashion Labels’ different brand images. Our current beliefs and trends in fashion means taking the best from all the decades without a specific definition is what the BNKR girl exemplifies. Simple, natural makeup contrasting with the sultry red hues of the fifties and a 90’s Madonna with a flick of liquid eyeliner. It’s mismash of traditional structure and urban appropriation from both the pre and post millennium is softened by the casual appeal of dainty croquet. Influenced attire preferences of chunky mid heels and sliders, minimalistic earrings and straw hats finish off Fashion Bunker’s girl as a strong, unapologetic individual with a tinge of that famous southern coquettish charm. She loves a good book and a cup of tea on a Friday night, Cosmo optional; but has no problem storming the streets in the hunt for a great night out. They are the ones who let us know who run the world. The clean cut kids who trip over Yeezys and Rubi alike.


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