Dannielle those ears are looking mighty fine if you ask me.

When it comes to deciding on opportunity cost and personal style, the age-old dilemma between need and want tends to become a conundrum. Like considering the Louis Vuitton sneaker trend in Silicon Valley as a tech entrepreneur, or turmeric latte with yours truly. Especially when it comes to le face; it’s more than just a inter-gender political statement (let’s face it, guys who do wear earrings tend to draw my attention to their impressive jawlines without even compromising on the supposed contemplation of how masculinity is supposed to be defined nowadays), a topic discussion about erogenous zones, or an architectural significance carefully balanced on each earlobe.


As someone who didn’t get her ears pierced until the age of 12, a lot of thoughts and emotions have been explored with the significance behind such an observation.

Post consumption of mass produced sticker earrings that most likely contributed to a horrible allergy reaction, you tend to appreciate the efforts of lovingly handcrafted items. It’s that one of a kind thingamajig that rounds up (see what I did there) the different parts of your personality you didn’t really thought you could express a.k.a a meaningful indicator to consumers of it’s aesthetic value and a key part of the retailer’s profit margins and means to continue on their creative journey.

Dannielle those ears are looking mighty fine if you ask me.

feat. earrings from One of by D Posadowski