I’d like to think that some leeway between the corporate and creative could be explored even at this day and age.

When considering the other aspect of my life heavily invested in tech correlating to the number of days I stay huddled at my desk, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that one of the many requirements I’ve had to contend with was the precise compartmentalisation of each aspect a multifaceted life postgrad has graciously bestowed on me. So maybe a digital offering of a cup of tea instead of another rant would be preferable.

That rant being the inevitable trap of expected work wear.

Granted, with office dress codes and expected hemlines to adhere to:moving on from the likes of Cotton on and Suprés of my Uni days to more

independent labels and looser cast-offs from my mother (who makes a fantastic lady bawse impression on first timers) is probably the obvious expectation for yours truly.

Only to strain against the limits of formal office wear that just seems to lack that element of je ne sais quoi all over again? Riddikulus.

That being said whilst digesting Simmel’s analysis on his identified layers of social stratum that poses a paradoxical response to fashion vs personal freedom. In order to delicately balance between personal and professional characteristics with coffee; EllySage’s creative efforts make up for the side eyes or eyebrows cocked up with a bemused “You’re a what now?” expression that I do not care for in any situation when it presents itself.

As if I didn’t spend two hours attempting to break down that stereotype of what we do in our community. So it’s a glorious sense of relief that I truly appreciate when arbitrary social interactions didn’t always go like that when said topic comes up and when my closet does indeed match these metaphorical drapes of corporate expectations.

In fact, being able to perpetuate beyond (subjectively) curated content on social media to show that a foot in the creative industry does have a greater importance in it’s own way.

And I’d like to think that some leeway between the corporate and creative could be explored even at this day and age.

in collaboration with EllySage

Look 1: asymmetric striped top (navy), striped culottes (navy), Look 2: cami top with piping (Olive), asymmetric draped skirt (black), Look 3: tucked drape shirt with piping (Pink),  Asos oversized fishnet tights (white), Just Jeans girlfriend jean extra high rise (alternatives here), Look 4: paneled midi dress with sash (white), Katya Komarova Nude corset


Styling and Photography// NICOLE FANG
shot on Canon 6D with 24-105mm lens