You can say that these gold boots are like the diet coke of versatility.

Have you ever been tricked by an acquaintance into buying matching anything before because you thought that it was a good idea going down that #twinsies #winning look to show to the world how awesomely close you two were?

Just me for now? Oh okay.

Having a different take of the term being sentimental is not really due to my appreciation of the memories behind every shoe or skirt. More of the waste not mentality. I feel more like Austin Power’s Scott in that aspect. Well before he went bald he was quite the practical guy.

The only reason why I never repurpose old clothes until they fall into pieces is usually because I insist on their usefulness until someone stages a closet intervention for me.

You can say that these gold boots were like the diet coke of versatility. Just one calorie of a statement piece. Not versatile enough.


But just like what the general population thinks about diet coke, that one calorie is very much an illusion. There is no way diet coke only contains a single solitary calorie and the same goes for these gold boots that I rediscovered tucked away in my closet a couple of months has only one use that is being a statement not only used for sparkly infested occasions. Excluding Christmas, New Year’s or someone’s 21st.

On the path to frugalness however, and limiting closet space repurposing old items can be a handy tool for interesting ideas. And frikkin’ making it an everyday frikkin’ affair for the winter. Like the Uniqlo raincoat (substitute here) I wrapped around my waist to make a “skirt”.

– N