The most special time of the year. Where Michael Bublé decides to emerge from his cave, bring out your inner marshmallow this season.

During the weird hours of the morning when I’m hungry, but too cosy in the bed with my laptop I tend to browse a lot on the internet. Especially clothing sites to add to my personal piles of shoot, screw and marry. Clothes that is. And one thing that I find extremely annoying is how “transeasonal” items is finally becoming an official thing after all these years.

I mean, haven’t we all done that at least once in our life?

Like that skirt you wore both in the spring and winter? Different layers under and over them. And since we are off on this tangent, may I introduce you to a disconcerting pair of thigh highs?

I do appreciate a classic well-cut trench coat or dark red lipstick anytime and anywhere practical, it is often highlighted to me that trends in fashion are undoubtedly interesting to observe. Along with lipstick that can never be practical outside the reasons of appearance when you wear white. For me, comfortable tops is always at the top of my priority list when it comes to dressing for any occassion. What with my favourite bloggers flouncing around in faux fur or leather parkas in light of the cooler weather, what is on trend and what personally looks good off the rack often provokes some confusion. Heck I’ll go out in socks and slippers if I could right now. I can’t layer up like MZ however, or pull off canary yellow fur (faux of course) like THP without looking like the abominable snowman or the feathered character him(her?)self.

A lovely season such as this, however shouldn’t define your personal style. Marshmellowed or not. Along with my opinion that the key idea behind what defines an item available to use anytime of the year is that it is both a building block in your ootd as well as a comfortable standalone piece that does well for itself.

The most important thing to do atm though is to indulge a little, with a caffeinated chai or lemongrass tea while you curl up next to the fireplace. Maybe some hot mulled wine to soothe the soul? Point is, don’t stress too much on deciding what to wear during this time of the year. It’s the new year now that Christmas has come and gone. There are more things to be happy about than worrying about what you wear. Like your expanding waistline and holiday cheer. So here, sucking-it-up-without-really-trying my favourite winter essentials that you can use transeasonally.

  1. Finders Keepers High Road Skirt (in cobalt) : No reason to say goodbye to exposed kneecaps and slinky footwear, this skirt’s got you covered with extra room for the odd pair of pants or two for dashing through the snow to your Auld Lang Syne.
  2. Bardot zip ankle boots (in gold): For that extra sparkle in your life, comes with a warning label of resembling a leprechaun. Do not attempt to make eye contact with people throwing lucky charms at you. Instead respond by pelting them back with gold chocolate dubloons. And for the sake of your poor feet, if you intend to run around the whole day consider the heel height or have a backup pair to change into when the going gets tough.
  3. Uniqlo ultra stretch jeans: Affordable, comfortable and definitely not leggings that allows you to sit in any position you like. Usually paired with a Uniqlo winter thermal. Additional layers optional.
  4. Puffy winter coat: Preferably a darker shade in the oversized direction for extra chubs but if I can afford the moolah I’ll take my chances with a more colourful staple or faux fur coat.
  5. Assortment of turtle necks or thermal wear: They are a non-pointy nipples’ best friends. Without requiring any eyes down there due to the cold, invest in some good layers. The cold can get a little..nippy.

Keep in mind to give your wallet a helping hand when it needs it too. Does your wallet agree with the price tags you pick up? Guilt trip unintended. Bring out your inner marshmallow and holler in the comments about your thoughts regarding the Instagram hashtag #Fangstagrams?

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– N