Styling and Photography// NICOLE FANG
shot on Canon 6D with 24-105mm lens

Since my initial interest in leather accessories, I’ve always kept a lookout for revived trends to explore. Layered corsets, flouncy sleeves and even entertaining the different variations of flared pants that the Internet’s moving through at a breakneck pace and failing to keep up with the demands of “more, more, more“.

Some may call it genius, and others may politely call them fads as an excuse for not consistently getting their minds blown as usual when that new coat or pearl heels graces their presence. But then the sense of nostalgia hits like a precise target for you when you do decide to take it on because you were probably still in diapers when that movement first started, tinted with a dash of realism when you realize that your natural unpolished nails and messy hair fare way better in the long run with everything you own in your closet (f.y.i fishnet stockings and lip gloss do not mix well).

Such as it is with handmade bags. That imperfect perfect quality you get from using something made by hand. The satisfaction of contributing and agreeing to someone’s stance towards sustainability in fashion that they have personally worked on just feels all that better as a perk.

And I suppose an endgame for authenticity is the expectation for an artist? To push boundaries, building a supportive community, and shape a personal concept into the tangible with recycled products is the closest definition you can get to heaven on earth.

Yes we do have staples for the office or to celebrate. Heck, we even have that emergency lbd approved by Audrey Hepburn for breakfast; but in all fairness and love you’ll still probably attempt to rush out and buy something new if the occasion demands it just as a precaution.

I won’t blame you. Fashion demands it.

Woe to the dullard, but there’s only so much clothes a woman can afford in her lifetime that can be defined as a sustainable lifestyle. So why not take something easier – an independent luxury if you will – to the strawberry generation or whatever new buzz term we’ve coined to call the little ones. The obligation to work on a short-term timeline with even shorter budgets that allows for more flexible evolution strategies Charles Darwin would be proud of? It’s not exactly bollocks, much less the lipstick effect here with TreeFairFax. Can I get a #winning hashtag and emoji?

featuring: Tree Fairfax leather crossbody hip bag and Half moon leather bag

outfit 1: Katya Komarova leather corset in nude – half moon leather bag – Charles and Keith Sphere heels in white

outfit 2: thrifted asymmetrical blouse – BooHoo royah tonal striped wide leg trousers – Ellery glasses in gold – leather crossbody hip bag