Before I resume the familiar jingle I’ve adopted whilst attempting to build a snowman and conditioned my sisters to hate, I have to admit it. I’ve missed Japan. And I’ll keep the topic of fashion by the door for the time being and replace it with chronicled attempts to rediscover my passion for snowboarding.

The memories of soft snow that deafens you to any other sounds for miles and miles around you up North, to the orderly bustle down in the tubes that are never late. My parents stopping for the thousandth time to marvel some gorgeous art installation in an alley (due to my Father’s preferred mode of shortcuts) only to realize that we were standing in front of a love hotel to the bemusement of locals who happen to pass by. I’m mildly proud to say the least with the short list of achievements I believed I’ve scraped up for 2016 – get a degree, be okay with public speaking, convince myself that one of my lifetime goals is to adopt as many furry friends as humanely possible – learning to slow down a little and stop worrying about things that have yet come to pass has been my favorite attempt. Instead, picking up my experiments with haikus again whilst lounging around in the nude outdoors in hot springs and saunas. Which feels fantastic btdubs, breaking out of the monotonous humdrum I’ve been stuck in since graduating in September and picking up the corporate pace (as expected for every fledging startup) along with my everyday uniform comprising mainly of anything and everything to cover up skin. Rightfully so unless crocodile’s in again.

Observing the locals go about their everyday life in the smaller towns we’ve whisked through that were affected by the multiple earthquakes and tsunamis earlier this year has given me a new sense of hope for 2017. I think it was mainly about their belief that everything will be okay at the end of the day. Amidst overly packaged products aesthetic perfectionists would squeal over, and plastic-conscious individuals will turn an entirely new shade of grey just at the thought (I stuck to my map of known recycling bins all over town). Spending the week at the slopes to rediscover my passion for snowboarding since my last accident a few years ago that still bears the psychological and physical scars of my body’s refusal to want to do a S-turn, good news though, every part of my body is aching like never before. And it wasn’t even Christmas at the time.