“Social media is really our tool to reach out to each other and inspire each other in difficult times.”

TPC asks Melissa Dewar from Majesti Gal on her thoughts about fashion, politics and social media.

The fashion festivities came early this year over in little old Adelaide in our corner of the world. And it felt like forever since the last time TPC has actually been involved in a real event like this with so much to look forward to where the legends of post runway activities and 8AM booze tents (champagne all day err’ day) begin to revive.

Somehow asking someone else how their 2017 has sucked (or not) appears to be the only appropriate thing to do as the fashion noob on the block. To observe and question the role that the fashion industry has evolved in the midst of political and social conflict. Possibly even how social media has played a hand in such a revelation to a fault. We’ve had New York and London storming its runways for women, emblazoned tees and protest placards in hand since early this year. Industry familiars contributing to admirable causes with hashtags and commercial merchandise. The current worries of certain political debates (which IMHO, maybe consider how others will be affected by it before you commit to a definite Yes or No?) have always been a bubble away from fashion in the past. But with its numerous intersections into every aspect of our lives due to the emotional freedom and creativity it tends to afford to some, specifically on social media, what does it mean for the rest of us? What is its (fashion’s) purpose? And is it enough?

 TPC asks Melissa Dewar from Majestigal on her thoughts about fashion, politics and social media.

My name is Melissa and I am a freelance Art Director//Stylist//Graphic Designer based in Bath, United Kingdom. At the moment I am in the middle of completing a degree in Architecture at the University of Bath. I started my blog, Majestigal around a year ago as a creative outlet during some stressful times whilst studying my degree. Since then it has grown and changed massively to the platform it is now.

At the time of starting Majestigal I had no idea of where it could take me, how much I can reach out to people and make a difference in their lives by just starting a website. I have been able to go to London Fashion Week. Appear in magazines such as Elle, Hello, New York times and Vogue which have been dreams come true.

I guess I have always been fascinated by women from the way we dress to the way we can inspire each other to be great. Thats what I want Majestigal to do, to inspire. It really is more then just a blog, it is a haven for those that seek visual inspiration and style. The blogging industry is over saturated with stereotypical people creating content that screams of “ME” “ME” “ME” but I really believe Majestigal screams of “YOU” YOU” YOU”. So in that way Majestigal is not a blog, it is a community. Therefore it is really important to represent and communicate with the Majestigal women. Things such as free wallpaper, give aways and style boards all get our community involved in the website and create this fun as well as positive atmosphere where everyone is celebrated for being unique. I truly believe that a positive environment is one in which we can openly talk about our problems, successes and difficulties.

For the future I hope to see Majestigal inspire more women through style, design and art.

How has this year’s fashion week in London differ compared to previous ones?

This fashion week was quite a crazy one for me, it was my first time being street style photographed for some of the worlds biggest magazines. I am sure you are wondering what my outfit was, well I was wearing an all thrifted outfit which cost me £10. Shocker! Other then that I also snuck into a Shrimps show as I had a similar name to one of the editors attending the show. I guess you could say it was a typical fashion week for most.

Has it stopped you though, from pursuing your daily activities or your plans for the near future with your own media publication?

Majestigal is something I fit around my studies at university which is really tough. There does come a few times where you just have to shut it all off otherwise the pressure can get to you. It really it a case of being super organised, waking up in the morning early and taking a break when needed.

How do you think social media or online platform content can be used to inspire others in these uncertain times with the general public vs the global fashion community? Or should it be used at all to do so?

I think in these uncertain times we should definitely be using social media to empower young people. Social media is really our tool to reach out to each other and inspire each other in difficult times.

How do you think women can help to play a positive part in the fashion industry?

I am not sure if you have heard of the saying ‘divided we fall, united we stand’ well I believe this about our attitude in the fashion industry, I really think we need to unite for equality from dress size to skin tone. Yes we definitely moving in the right direction but with smaller level businesses it is really hard sometimes. One such example from personal experience is trying to find a black model to shoot from a small agency when there were literally none to choose from. So yes we can unite together to creative a more positive environment within the fashion industry.

Photographer: Luka Perrin
Instagram: @lcprn
Web: https://www.lcprn.co.uk
Stylist & Art Director: Melissa Dewar
Instagram: @melissa_dewar
Web: www.melissadewar.com
Make Up: Natalia Catafau
Instagram: @nataliacatafau
Web: https://www.nataliacatafau.com
Models: Michelle N at IMM Model and Rebecca Lim Instagram: @becca_lum
Assistant: Wui Lin