Today’s side piece resembles a telephoto carrier. Cue back story of my history of dropping cameras and their lenses fully safeguarded and suspended by seatbelt straps.

The other week I was seized with the same religious frenzy trump supporters appear to possess when they talk about how women shouldn’t vote. With the initiated Brexit fiasco (an early sign of the apocalypse?) only met with an overly repeated adjective that may not be entirely appropriate to describe the fear of coloured minorities for their own lives (and the devaluation of the pound). Save for a seventy year old with abnormally tiny fingers and possessed hair similar to scarecrow pubes that said lot appear to worship, where, if I may ask is my colorful, pattern-heavy Kenzo x H&M reprieve from this existence!

Ululations taken down a notch for the time being, I never got the memo that even though pink tiger print skirt and I were virtual soul mates, my wallet and social quo has agreed that it was never meant to be. So I made it my personal mission to be a purveyor of all things container-esque for the time being. Intention to punish daughter’s kidnappers through sheer will and pockets of time to trawl through the internet space Liam Neeson style requires some finesse. Hold my boots will you?

Whether or not glorified containers actually do organise or limit your personal arsenal to face the day, I feel obligated to come up with reasons to justify my budding collection. In this instance, the geometrical features of a spherical Pedro kind comes the best into play when the lines between functionality and aesthetics blur, and my fellow enablers are whispering in the shadows (in my Mom’s case, Whatsapp) to give me that final push to say yes.

And that leaves us with somewhat of a moot point when asked about my preferences for a travelling companion. Because aforementioned travelling companions are made out of everything and anything under the sun that can be considered a commercial material or fabric.

Today’s side piece resembles a telephoto carrier courtesy of Pedro. Cue back story of my history of dropping cameras and their lenses fully safeguarded and suspended by seatbelt straps. Stay updated in the coming weeks on my Instagram and twitter to learn more about a possible #bagchallenge a.k.a how many things can I fit into my ridiculously cool designated strappy container for the day.


feat. Round Shoulder Bag from Pedro Shoes – Striped Playsuit from Delphine the Label’s Sweet Like Me collection – Gold boots from Bardot – Ellery 12

shot by Shauna Voon

shot with Canon 6D and 24-105mm lenses