Instead of looking to comment or condemn why Millennials (and to a certain extent, Gen Y) do certain things, I think the more important question to ask is how did they even end up doing what they do in the first place?

Let’s take a look at three influencing factors that are mainly responsible for shaping a generation – parents, technology and economics with Alix Yang.

* avocados and house payments not included

Alix Yang Jewellery is the brainchild and namesake of Alix Yang, Director and creative pilot of the label that was launched in 2017. Featuring statement jewellery for effortless chic, she is inspired by modern art and street fashion. Her own style preference is a perfect balance between boldness and simplicity and has a specific goal of empowering women with confidence when it comes to creating her accessories.

Alix Yang (AY): To be honest, I guess it all started with me as a teenage girl trying to stand out in school. I am not a very competitive person but when it comes down to how I dress I always try to make a statement, be edgy and different. I did a double major in Economics and Art history, which I felt was a conflicting and interesting combination, something I didn’t realise how much that helped until I started running my own fashion business. The fashion industry is, at the end of the day, a combination of how to invest with knowledge of economics and how to design with some background of art history. My academic career trained me to think in a diverse way, where it helped to see things in from both an analytical and artistic approach. Apart from that, I am blessed with a very lovely and supportive family, which encourages me to work even harder because I don’t like taking things for granted.

Nicole Fang (NF): (This was in one of the footnotes to Alix) p.s. Please send me a photo of your dog?

NF: Okay back to business after cooing over your dog, what do you think appeals to the millennial woman nowadays according to the media and the technology that comes with it?

AY: I think what appeals to women (us) these days are the visual pleasures. In fact, I think it has moved away from focusing on the material things. We look for and appreciate beautiful and interesting things, rather than constantly checking out what other people own. And I think it’s because with social media, everyone is posting their outfits, their holidays and life details, it is certainly not as appealing as it used to be with the very recent boom of social media’s popularity a couple of years ago. Girls don’t just buy whatever they see on the social media, they know what suits them and what’s on trend, and are wiser when it comes to spending money.

NF: Do you reckon parental guidance and involvement in the decision-making process have decreased in comparison to the previous generations?

AY: Definitely.

NF: How so?

AY: I have a very young sister and she would always turn to the internet to answer questions she has, and we needed to educate her on some topics because kids these days have so information sources to choose from. I can’t say it’s a bad thing because of the importance of technology in our lives, but I also firmly believe that the key to success is a combination of parental guidance and knowing how to utilize the advantages technology offers to us.

NF: With ALIX YANG, how do you ensure that these unconventional women are represented through your jewelry pieces?

AY: My designs are all about creating confidence, with modern and statement influences. I believe that women should be comfortable when it comes to standing out in the crowd and be different in an elegant and inspiring way.

NF: Who (or what) do you look to for inspiration?

AY: I flip through the artworks of my favourite artists or check out the latest runway fashion shows.

NF:What goes into the creation process of each piece you make?

AY: I would imagine and visualise how it would look like when it goes with different outfits and different style. I want my jewellery to be able to elevate the look of the outfits and also nicely blend in with the style at the same time.

NF: What do you think of the trend with statement accessories? And how do you think that is going to carry over into 2018?

AY: I think the trend now is all about a twist to the minimalist shapes, it is about creating a statement piece, but still nothing too extravagant. I’d like to call my style ‘statement jewellery for effortless chic’. 2018 would keep this trend going, maybe with a comeback of the ‘90s style.

Check out Alix Yang’s Instagram and Website for more on her beautiful creations.