I never knew how my mother talked me into taking them.

Never been up for pictures of myself to be honest. I hate how I tend to appear in them. It’s a complex threesome of a relationship that you’ll blame your mirror for giving you high hopes of expectations vs reality, attempting to compensate for what you see through your camera lens. How many times have you indulged in the mandatory selfie to check your makeup or for food stuck between your teeth? Pre-snapchat and iPhone (unless you had the Nokia 5700 smartphone back in the day), the front facing camera was like the mini-equivalent of a cheese covered pizza and a better substitute for the traditional lenses. Something that you wouldn’t mind assimilating into your life even though you may have trouble keeping that little habit of indulging in check what with the yet to-be-coined term of #squadgoals.

The occasional portrait of me showing my face in all it’s glory has never ended well. Cheesy grins and ridiculous poses – I never knew how my mother talked me into taking them. High school and soon to be graduation pictures will remain at the back of my closet until the time comes to reminisce and drink to the good ol’ days.

Ironically enough, the older you grow the more your skin thins from insults and lowered self-confidence, the higher the need to establish that you are more than just another idiot off the street capable of doing a job. What with LinkedIn, Facebook and my personal favorite: Instagram, the need to be recognized is important to have a face to go along with it.

You know, come to think of it that is why I still keep certain profiles private for certain reasons. I mean there are pictures of yourself and pictures of yourself. Minus the selfie filters I use on Snapchat to scare family and friends.

But my ultimate portrait image? Going against the rules of showing your full face and instead demonstrate a certain level of sass that Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes lives on by the barrel and some decent layering pieces for winter.

 shot by Shauna Voon from SilhouettesOfChic