EOMM x Ultramarine
Styling and Photography// NICOLE FANG
shot on Canon 6D with 24-105mm lens

If you asked me where I would wear this to my answer would still stand.”


Going back to the fact that a trip back to the Motherland was overdue (vehement agreements from the family and the other half could be heard all around the table) and having to move accommodations at a groundbreaking record of five times since January, 2017’s been an absolute blur taking everything in.

Actually hold that thought while I stuff my mouth with some durian since it technically seems to qualify as only a pit stop.

Or maybe I’ll restrain myself and just Instasnap it first before it’s all gone. To prove that it did really take place (#picsoritdidnthappen).

While we are on that topic it occurred to me that I have always made a case for the power of technology. And through that, comically acknowledged Ron Swanson’s beliefs in politics and skim milk (with a bucket of salt over everything of course). But recently I’ve had to re-evaluate my statement about the red waters of competition over the former.  The closer I observe the wide spectrum of highly accessible local retails, or “blogshops“, as we call them – selling clothing items at the cost of a soap bar on some fronts; to it’s more realistically priced counter parts with debatable stylistic capabilities lacking the capacity to educate and inform customers about the whys and hows in the creative industry, the more determined I am to find it’s rebel forces in these territories.

Take that privatized governments!

(Try here for an Australian option if you’re on that side of the world and abhor shipping costs that more likely qualify as daylight robbery).

Standing wide at a collaborative space consisting of stacked bricks – glass and clay – and a cafe (HELLO), I concluded that I did probably need those quartz shaped soaps (maybe) and that enticing fragrance I swabbed on my wrist; sniffing at them all the way home before returning to grab one for the road with the mindset of a French person internally lecturing me about the importance of “finding your own scent“.

Yes post mini-anecdote, sometimes you do need more than a pixellated program on your screen in order to understand brand concept. Including this article itself. I guess according to local perception the idea of setting up a shop – a “real shop” as traditionalists with slight technophobia might think – might increase it’s legitimacy of a business managed by a group of young ‘uns. But you know, having soft morning light float into the store through its east facing windows, hiding in cosy Pantone-coordinated dressing rooms or appreciating indoor jungles of fauna might help it’s case in settling the naysayers.

Committing to the idea of practical essentials solely made out of a pair of black jeans slashed at the knees, to floor length pleats and structured shirts tied up in a bow – sheerness and skin all specified to a T – if you asked me where I would wear this to my answer would still stand.


featuring Ultramarine’s Oriental Lace Flare leggingsTranscendence Utility Shirt in Terra CottaTiedneck Oxford Shirtdress