Skin, sheer fabrics and hair (upkept or embracing it’s potential to do a Hermione).

If anyone is happier or more chill than this dog in equatorial weather holla at me as to how you do it. Between the dual rain and sun combinations that won’t really pan well for a good pair of cream white leather boots even of the waterproof kind, I for one am curious as to the type of outfits one can dream up of while attempting to be appear normal in a country full of floral dresses, ballet flats smeared with the rushed need to be anywhere and everywhere. The beauty in living along the equatorial line tends to present itself in the idealistic form of hamburgers by the pool or whatever refreshing sounding drink you’ll order by the tray. Disappearing after the third day or so, this then gives way to honing your detective skills for shade while simultaneously evading direct sunlight and rain like your life depends on it; the apocalypse equivalent of a maximalist. Eventual realization will occur when you decide that there are better clothing choices than your everyday sandals and thongs if you still insist on looking pretty. Something that I’ve given up on entirely back in Sydney after 11 in the morning.

As I do not fancy attempting to adjust my current wardrobe of winter blacks and knits to suit the humidity and the artic air-conditioning all at one time or want to opt for the everyday minimalistic look as your centrepiece feature, this calls for some synthetic happiness and water by the litre on standby with a three point defining criteria for a geographically perfect outfit. Skin, sheer fabrics and hair (upkept or embracing it’s potential to do a Hermione). 



outfit pieces can be found in these links:
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