The Millennial woman’s in town and she can buy her own rings if she damn well pleases.

As an ever Freudian-like observation that highlights the importance of jewellery aesthetics, increasing levels of self-awareness occur as individuals change and grow over time. To emulate Sherlock Holmes, it is rather elementary to pinpoint observations based on details. The illusion of self-expression – intended or not – that reflect a person’s soul pertaining to ornamental craftsmanship with everyday life.

Coming back down to earth while we are on the topic of everyday life, I’ve been counting down the days to the restoration of my temporarily suspended gym membership (because, snowboarding) with countless cups of green tea. And catching up on the Sherlock Holmes and Game of Thrones bandwagon as you can probably tell. By doing that you’d think that by the stroke of midnight, I would have panicked succumbed myself to a new feeling of hope or a sense of purpose, seeing that it was quite literally the last chance to decide on a fresh start before the new year kicked in like a wave at Bronte beach. But unfortunately without any luck, fireworks and announced resolutions peppering all digital connections to the outside world were largely ignored for sleep. Decisions pertaining to this side of my life were put on hold for the moment with all things aesthetics and business.

It was smashing fun don’t get me wrong, putting social media down on autopilot (cheers UNUM) for a while to think about getting your 2017 act together*. And like Lady Gaga and her phenomenal performance at the Superbowl last month in February post new year’s snooze-fest – gentle headbanging appreciated –  the need to do something creative very real. With an idea starting out as a reply to PR representatives, an essay and multiple Pinterest tags later where I would have gone out with the big guns – Studios, backdrops and probably metallic gold spray for anything and everything (and smoke machines, always wanted to play with one of those); I think Mother’s advice of keeping it simple and getting straight to the point wasn’t just meant for my affinity for food despite my well-meaning excitement of getting my hands on another creative project to chew on.

Thinking about the art of intention in correlation to aesthetic presentation dating back to the beginning of Men when we decided that swinging free was a little risqué, clothing ourselves gave us new ways to stand out and experiment with things to cover ourselves as symbolic intentions because let’s be honest: Why wear anything at all if so?

Wearing things, in my opinion hence suggests a reason for the accomplishment of a goal or objective to do that; meaning that a requirement of some form of a medium to facilitate communication is of crucial importance. Like your hands! If you date back to the motherland like me, fingers and digits tend to facilitate in the gesturing of rude signs and communicate displeasure. The Scottish according to Danny Boyd only tout their importance as beer holders, unlike stereotypical Italians on the other hand would find difficulty in adapting to while conversing.

This interesting notion to cover our fingers, wrists and ears – all isolatable parts of the body with stuff to consciously demonstrate specific elements of oneself. And with that observation, you would think that I would have remembered to put them back on before heading outside being a rolled sleeves and hair up kind of person when it comes down to work.

“But they act as the highlight accents of any outfit!” Vogue or Cosmo may have argued in the past (where that concept between the physical representation and personal is like the Batman to your Robin – whatever new key lyrics we are singing these days about attachment and identity). It’s more than just making a social statement, or a way to trick people into analysing your current emotional status based on what you cover your own mug with.

You want to be known as that kid on the block that stands out from the rest. Something that goes beyond summarising your favorite colors or a birthdate.

Thank God for Pandora that over-reaches in all the right ways to frame aspects of personal style when it comes to colour. Gone are the days in which jewellery was reserved to be marketed as sparkly trinkets for wives or girlfriends of strictly heterosexual couples (Tiffany’s I’m looking at your ironic but slightly improving marketing strategies). The Millennial woman’s in town and she can buy her own rings if she damn well pleases.

It’s where your royal greens parties with citrus oranges. Where ruby reds are framed with grey moonstone. Pair slouchy proportions with onomatopoeic bling to employ an unspoken language of immediate coolness no amount of avocados can do for you. Think boyfriend jeans and metallic bangle charms, messy bed head and jangly earrings, airport security and metal detectors don’t have anything on you.

With all things uncertain and relative, a little razzle dazzle it was just what I needed to figure out how to celebrate the end of 2016 with pizza (extra pineapples please) whilst avoiding an expanding waistline on my own. Exact new year goals with an extra helping of pineapples since it’s already March (whew).  Probably with a proposed idea of cufflinks (hint hint) as well to reel in the new year to match your earrings and slogan shirt?

*I think I’m still on the subconscious express though, with muscle memory problems that occur whenever my phone finds its way into my hands. An automatic spasm of my fingers landing on my Instagram page where after the first 50 times I was itching to get my hands on a new project for a reason to justify such a tick.

In collaboration with Pandora featuring their new collection “Stones of Color” (instagram here):
Essence collection bangle (Item #596006) Anchor chain necklace in sterling silver 45cm (Item #590515-45) Pandora signature, Clear CZ  earrings(Item #290558CZ)Pandora signature, Clear CZ logo pendant (Item #390375CZ-70) Hearts of PANDORA, Collier Necklace (Item #590514CZ-45) Silver Poetic medium droplet feature ring (Item #190982CZ) Chrysoprase and Silver May birthstone ring (Item #190854CH) May droplet, Royal-Green Crystal ring (Item #191012NRG) June droplet necklace pendant (Item #390396MSG) July droplet necklace pendant (Item #390396SRU) April droplet, rock crystal ring (Item #191012RC) Rock crystal and silver April birthstone ring (Item #190854BK) November droplet, Citrine (Item #191012CI) Hearts of PANDORA silver stackable ring (Item #190963CZ) Sparkling droplets ring (Item #190945CZ) Vintage fascination ring (Item #191007CZ) June droplets earring studs (Item #290738MSG) April droplets earrings studs (Item #290738RC) Forever PANDORA silver & Zirconia Earring studs (Item #290585CZ) ESSENCE collection bangles in sterling silver (Item #596006) LOYALTY, Clear CZ charms (Item #796074CZ) APPRECIATION charms (Item #796054CZ) WISDOM charms (Item #796016)
and Autark (instagram here)
Velvet pant in red, Silk button shirt in green, Box Pleat top, Drawstring dress