“You’d be a fundamental knobhead for attempting so.”

Second only to the brash female amidst a sausage-fest (and in it with all your cape-less, silent heroes), the most appealable individual of the century to me is probably the quintessential Aubrey Plazas. The defensively hilarious user of awkward humor that surprisingly reveals A) a mushy core for the people they care for and a fondness for animals over humans or B) explicit rejection of the pegged norms customarily placed on her with the intention to confuse or troll.

I loved it. In fact I’d still root for them, especially as a Bildungsroman model to some degree.

On hindsight, this would only represents a small percentage of the types of individuals out there fighting for gender equality. The conservative era of the meek and helpless female persona – without an interesting thought in her head and yesterday’s media darling highlighted in film and red lipstick – found no place in my home despite the fluctuating ratio of women to men in my earlier formative years. Post Bechdel test and coming into contact with the male species of my generation for the first time in high school, it was curious indeed that the idea of a pre-conceived postulation with gender could not be quantified or placed into a particular box to truly understand what is it like to be a woman. Or trying to encapsulate the element of womanliness itself.

While you may hear Aretha Franklin belting out Carole King hits, others could be down towards the softer definitions of what makes a Norah Jones song. A saucier mix of pop girl bands or a need for some Rhianna/ Joan Jett vibes tearing it up at the club may be your cup of tea instead.

You can’t please everyone. In fact, you’d be a fundamental knobhead for attempting so.

And there is certainly no universal recipe or box for success.

 It may not even be paid off when you work hard and push for it every waking moment of your life. You’ll learn to duck and roll with the punches while at the same time, looking into the unexpected for fresh inspiration (and perhaps humor) when faced with the ever-changing forms of the same curveballs life may decide to throw at you (In my case I imagine Xena Princess Warrior in Dion Lee with Katrina Law at her side, pearls and bow at the ready), one raw gluten-free cake* at a time. Hold the green juices and your expectancies on me to solve all the world’s problems in one afternoon, while juggling babies with a spare hand. I’ll take coffee with that while navigating the new world like the rusty driver that I am in traffic.

Hence my challenge to defining iconic schools of thought. Debatable art pieces excluding Mona Lisa smizing down at me on my computer screen or penciling in a false unibrow in tired tribute to female sexuality and Frida Kahlo.

*Yes they are surprisingly well made despite the ingredients. Pure sorcery.


In collaboration with The Hexad, instagram found here.
featuring the Ava Tote in mars red

shot with Canon 6D and 24-105mm lens
images and inspirations taken from Picasso, Audrey Remnev, Rene Magritte and Banksy