Unintentional turtleneck hair and all during this season up north. What’s in it for you when it comes to a shoe that covers toe to thigh?

It’s been roughly two years since I was introduced to the wonderfully addictive world of boots. Very much like the first pair of combat boots I wore almost everyday with leggings (I’ve learnt much more since then)  I’ve learnt to utilize it’s competency in warding off the winter chills. Possibly hiding toe jam to deal with at a later time too, I’ve seen my share of the good and bad when it comes to practical footwear decisions. Like the fury of tight pants*. They are either a hit or miss when it comes to fitting your feet right which you don’t really have a say in. Only learning how to do is to adapt to what works best. Personally when it comes to styling for an everyday look I usually prefer ankle boots (Wittner or Asos for the purse strings and maybe a little Tony Bianco sale when the need arises. Like a bad day or the passing of a once convoluted tootsie companion.) for better mobility when I run around town completing tasks.

Shallow first world problems – laughably stupid. I know. But yet so, unwaveringly annoying and sometimes a painful experience when your one and only favourite pair of jeans expires on you for example. Leaving you to be alone in the world with the memories of your time together. You can’t help but feel slightly abandoned though, just when you decided to take the risk of purchasing such a confusing concept of a shoe – thigh highs. Finding a perfect pair of pants that don’t give you unnecessary camel toes which, in my opinion isn’t fair to both yourself and the world. Much like how we females may not enjoy the accidental glance of a penus bulge and vice versa.


What’s in it for you when it comes to a shoe that covers toe to thigh? Nothing but an encapsulation of creative but unintended confusion to it’s practicality value. More research needed at this point in time as I cannot confirm or deny when the best time to buy a new pair of shoes is when you least expect it.

My little experimentation of leggings resembling a bell curve of enjoyment helped to cement the fact that, yes. Jeggings/leggings/capriggings – anything that ends with an “ggings” at the back cannot be considered real pants. Fusing it with the confusion of said footwear and a vague youtube memory, the only appropriate response for such a turn of events is a “whut“.

Anyone who can sympathise with the morning ritual of pulling apart your wardrobe with the same old complaint – “I have nothing to wear with my awesome new shoes/top/bottom/one-piece that I got on a whim!”. Fill in the blanks. Oh Mein Gott. I get you you so well we can be twinning spiritual animals.

But virtual high five aside. I got you. Especially when confronted with a purchase that sounded so much better in theory. And on a computer screen.

This post is for all the not-so-loved/untimely purchases when it arrives on your doorstep. For thoughts that should just stay thoughts. The idea that maybe pre-planning your outfits isn’t so hot after all and that spontaneity and targeted inspiration may surprise you. Unintentional turtleneck hair and all.

The Final Monochrome Edit.jpg

*Turtleneck hair can be thankfully replicated with this handy little post courtesy of MR. But personally I like to alter self imposed tubular proportions with a slightly more exaggerated fringe to back hair ratio as shown in The Monochrome Edit to create what we can call the “faux AW – Andy Warhol”.

Primary Layers1.png

And personally, layers shall be the death of me. The unsettling reminder that no matter how much you think about what to wear, the chances of you resembling less like MZ and more like Chewbacca when it comes to the intensification of additional insulation with more outerwear.

Incidentally, this post is not about a layering how-to, but more of what primary layers should be present while exploring the likes of Osaka on a rainy day. Preferably leather and water-resistant. The only season where you will consider leaving your own leg hair alone for more heat insulation to be a better idea. These chief outwear pieces however clearly thought out are key building foundations for bonus points in the cosiness department, and the influencer of the overall look you are going for. So if you want to put on a red dress but the only thing you have is an olive green trench/raincoat? Your move, human christmas tree.

I rectify that last statement with color theme associations. With the damnation of the supposed right spelling of color. Potato, potahto. It shouldn’t matter, my bottom half resembles that of a walking banana. And I walked out the other day with socks and slippers that even the older generation males of my family would balk at so who is the one laughing now? As long as fun is an element present, this daily struggle of deciding who you want to feel good for – yourself or everyone around you must be answered.


Featured image: Uniqlo heattech turtleneck shirt, Dion Lee for Target laser cut pencil skirt
The Monochrome Outfit: SheIn black lapel long sleeve casual coat

Primary Layers: Uniqlo jacket (alternative here and ultra stretch ankle jeans

Featured Item: Asos Blink Esta heeled over the knee boots in black

*usually because of the trouble undertaken to squeeze my ass into said pants that don’t brush the floors with every step.