There’s something about a turtleneck that demands repetition. Or in my case, an Ace Venture hair situation with frizz and static whilst going through tubular dimensions and turtleneck hair bought about by winter.

fashion and creative direction by NICOLE FANG
location Sapporo, Japan

The only person who has successfuly made turtlenecks a summer accessory all these years of my existence other than Diane Keaton is my Mother, who never seems to feel the tropical heat bestowed on her ten months in a year. But everyone has their story or opinion about it. I stand with them, winter season or not. Others may disagree in my befuddled state, even though I can’t think of any reason not to.

In spite of the cold embrace, I’ve been lucky to catch a much needed break from the Australian heat and tropical summer heat-hopping between buildings and the family sedan. Replacing my undocumented booty shorts and flat mules for my ungodly collection of turtlenecks I’ve been picking up from here and there since ’14, their corresponding labels have been long forgotten.

But I think I had my reason to doubt the ’04-’05 timeline for these falsified neck shirts to suit our generation’s priorities, especially with the stylistic capabilities of that time when I found photographic evidence of myself sporting one in red with matching windburn to match. I mean “looking cool” back then meant Britney Spears and Juicy Couture tracksuits. Go figure.

With time however, I guess all we needed was just a well-known individual not necessarily involved in the fashion industry to take up that yoke of responsibilty for change to occur – à la Steve Jobs. And slight oomph alterations to appeal to the female demographic. Slimmer cuts or bulky fabric all the way, stretchier materials or longer sleeves to give you that wannabe masked avenger look as you stalk through the streets of Sapporo.

And they make for excellent layering foundations.

Take this little fur number I picked up at this cool label I’ll like to represent from my OG hometown – which in my opinion such resources for good quality clothing are sorely needed despite growing price tags. Or the leather wonders over at Katya’s that prompted prolonged stares mainly from people between the age of 15 and above.

bonus question: what are your opinions on how should Men and turtlenecks mix, discounting coke-bottle glasses wearing tech multi-billionaires who believed in lucky clothing, or silver chain/fanny pack/mom jeans wearing ex-wrestlers turned actors? Take in to account extremely sexy PAs to people like Park and Cube a.k.a Simon Schmidt whilst making such a decision if you please. With some suggestions to said woolen embracer?

Turtleneck suggestions:

1. Genia overlay turtleneck shirt
2. Land’s end women’s french terry ribbed turtleneck tunic
3. Uniqlo women heattech fleece turtleneck long sleeve t
4. Everlane cotton double knit turtleneck
5. J-Crew gadzooks color-block wool turtleneck sweater